As one who takes his or her dental health seriously, you know that you are encouraged to schedule routine checkups twice a year. Yet unforeseen circumstances could find you back in the dentist’s chair much earlier than anticipated. Accidents that cause trauma to your teeth may leave you needing to seen an emergency dentist right away. Yet simply seeing your dentist in the event of an emergency may not be enough to prevent damage. You must also know what to do in a dental emergency.

Recognizing Emergency Situations

The first thing to understand is what constitutes a dental emergency. Things such as a minor toothache and a lost filling/bridge may not require you to run to your dentist right away. Even a cracked tooth may not be an emergency. Only if the pain that may accompany these issues becomes severe should you consider your situation to be an emergency. Losing a permanent tooth or experiencing uncontrollable bleeding from your teeth or gums should also have you off to the dentist’s office right away.
If you are experiencing severe tooth pain and need immediate relief, consider any of the following home treatments:  

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in warm water and swish it around in your mouth.  
  • Apply a cold compress to the area where the pain is originating from.  
  • Swish a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth as you would mouthwash.

Each of these remedies should help to reduce swelling and alleviate any irritation.

Should You Place a Lost Tooth in Milk?

You have probably heard people say that if you lose a permanent tooth, you should place it in a cup of milk to preserve it. Does this work? It does, in fact, thanks to the unique chemical composition of milk. If you can get in to see us within 30 minutes of losing your tooth, chances are you will be able to save it. Above all else, if you do experience a dental emergency, do not panic. Adhering to the aforementioned advice will give you a good chance to avoid the need for extensive treatment. Trust in the abilities of Drs. Altrock and Fabb to give you the right care when you need it. When a dental emergency occurs, do not waste time picking up the phone to schedule an appointment; come in and see us right away.