You know the situation. You are eating dinner and suddenly, one of your molars breaks apart while chewing some food. The instant feeling of intense pain comes next. In this case of a dental emergency, it is important to know that you and your teeth have a new option for dental care: CEREC® technology. Dr. Brian Fabb and Dr. Christine Altrock are a team of general dentists that offer this revolutionary procedure for repairing your tooth and placing a new dental crown during a dental emergency. Here are four benefits that CEREC® technology offers patients:


1. Gives You Fast, Convenient Treatment

Instead of having to schedule multiple appointments to get your tooth repaired and your new crown fitted, CEREC® technology makes it so that everything can be completed with one visit.



2. Avoids the Hassle of a Temporary Crown

Because CEREC® offers patients a permanent crown in the same visit, your dentist does not have to fit you with a temporary crown while you wait for your new crown to be finished. Temporary crowns can sometimes fall out after eating, which exposes the damaged tooth to even more potential problems.



3. Blends in With Your Natural Smile

CEREC® crowns are designed to give you a natural look by using porcelain materials and lifelike shades to blend in with your other teeth. Having a noticeable and unsightly metal crown in your mouth is now a thing of the past.



4. Helps With the Health of Your Tooth

Because CEREC® places a crown on top of your damaged tooth, you can continue to avoid losing the tooth. Instead, your tooth remains protected and preserved with the crown keeping it from getting even more damaged.



The next time you have a dental emergency, call us right away. We can bring you into our offices and start the process of keeping your teeth healthy and strong with CEREC® technology to repair and place a new crown.