May is Women’s Health Month, so it is important to take some time this month to examine your health in all aspects. This includes dental health, and numerous women around the United States rely on Dental implants to complete their smiles. Drs. Brian Altrock and Christine Fabb will be happy to see you and discuss implants if you have any questions or concerns. Dental implants have multiple benefits.


Prevent Deterioration of Facial Structure


Your jaw is meant to have all its teeth, so even when one tooth goes missing, part of the jaw bone begins to degrade. Your body resorbs the tissue because it is no longer being stimulated by the tooth root. This creates a sunken appearance in the face and increases the likelihood of wrinkles developing in that area.


Improve Range of Food


Having a large space between teeth makes it uncomfortable to chew certain foods. More specifically, it becomes much harder to chew tough but healthy foods, such as broccoli and carrots. This is particularly the case when you lose a molar. People with missing teeth tend to rely more on processed foods, which tend to be softer, as well as lacking in proper nutrition.


Keep Your Natural Bite


When a large gap forms in your smile, the surrounding teeth are going to migrate to accommodate for the extra space. This impacts your bite, and your upper and lower arches will no longer fit together properly. In addition to needing dental implants, you may require orthodontics to move teeth back.


Attain Greater Comfort


At the end of the day, the best benefit to gain is overall comfort. You will be able to smile, eat, and laugh with the peace of mind that your smile is full and beautiful. You will be able to smile for those family photos again, and live your life with long-lasting teeth.


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