From mashed potatoes to yams, there are so many yummy foods that are synonymous with Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, those with missing teeth often struggle to enjoy the foods they once loved because they don’t have the chewing ability. Missing teeth can also make eating uncomfortable. Drs. Brian Altrock and Christine Fabb are happy to provide dental implants to patients just in time to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast and everything that comes with it.



What Are Dental Implants?


Dentures used to be the go-to option for those who had missing teeth, but more and more patients are turning to dental implants to create a smile that looks exactly like their natural one. Dental implants are used for patients that have one missing tooth or those who have many. 


Simply put, implants are placed with a titanium rod in the jawbone to stimulate bone growth, and then the new tooth is affixed to the top. While the process can take several months, you have a natural-looking, completely functional smile when it is done.


Prevent Shifting, Discomfort, and Awkwardness


While dentures are a valid treatment option dependent on the situation, implants are unique in that they function exactly like your natural teeth. The rod in the jaw keeps the bone healthy, and those with implants are able to eat anything they want without worrying that their teeth will shift or fall out. The tooth is matched as closely as possible to your remaining teeth so that your smile looks completely natural.


What Should You Do?


If you are tired of dealing with the negative effects of missing teeth and want to go back to enjoying holiday parties and family meals with the same confidence you had before you lost a tooth, then you should schedule an appointment with a dentist at Pacific Beach Dentistry today. Our goal is to provide treatment options like implants that allow our patients to enjoy the same quality of life they would with healthy, natural teeth.